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100% of stick = ? And deadzone?
05-02-2021, 06:16 AM
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RE: 100% of stick = ? And deadzone?
Under control mapping, you can map a key for "Analog limiter". This is probably not well named, but when you press it it'll reduce any mapped keys for analog to the set amount.

Currently it doesn't apply to actual sticks (it only applies to buttons which would otherwise be 0% or 100%), but maybe we could make it apply to analog sticks as well? That'd probably make sense.

Quote:My controller, for example, when you move the stick to 50% it outputs on the emulator as 100% (do all controllers do this?).

No, that doesn't sound usual. What platform is this on?

We do have some deadzone settings, but the PSP nub was really not great so most PSP games have their own deadzone logic. Maybe whatever is happening on your controller is making it oversensitive...

Not sure if you've ever physically used the PSP's analog nub. It is not very easy to finely control in the gap between 100% and 0%, so really most games seem to make the decision near 100%. Shame if this game isn't.

At most I could imagine some visual thing, kinda like the display layout editor, that allows you to control the scale of your analog vs the PSP's analog range and offset the center.

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