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100% of stick = ? And deadzone?
05-02-2021, 02:38 AM
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100% of stick = ? And deadzone?
Hey, how are you guys?

Can I ask for someone to take up... (I don't know what the the technical term would be) an option that lets you change what 100% of the stick outputs as.
E.g. 100% outputs as 50% on the emulator or 40%, 70%. Whatever you set it to.

And a deadzone option.

Why is this needed?
At the moment there's only a maximum cap on stick output, which isn't helpful.
My controller, for example, when you move the stick to 50% it outputs on the emulator as 100% (do all controllers do this?).
It makes games like Metal Gear Solid incredibly difficult. Because you have to silently walk up to an enemy from behind, and to do so, you have this very limited range on the stick that registers as walking. "Ok, I have to go NOW if I want to take out this guard" And Snake remains stationery while you gently push the stick stick forward in increments, trying to get Snake to only walk. And if you're slightly off, you either remain stationery and miss the opportunity or run and make too much noise and get discovered.
Configuring it so Snake only runs at 100% on the stick would be such a boon.

Why deadzone?
Many games require the stick to be stationery.
Like Metal Gear Solid, again, many of the actions require you to be stationery. Grabbing a guard from behind becomes agravating when the controller moves you out of range, or Snake throws a guard you've grabbed when you're trying to get him to talk.
Yes I could open up the controller and fix it with a shifter. But I think changing a deadzone option is better to try first, as opening up your hardware always has an inherent risk.

Why doesn't analog axis sensitivity help here?
It only caps the max output.
If Snake runs at 50% on the stick and you cap it to output a max of 60%; Snake will still run when the stick gets to 50%.

Or is there something I've missed? Some other way of doing it?
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