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Issue on PC
03-24-2021, 12:27 AM
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Lightbulb Issue on PC
Good evening everyone,

I created this account due to a recent issue that has arose with PPSSPP on my pc. I have been using ppsspp and the most recent stable build for several days with no issues. I was playing Final Fantasy 4 The Complete Collection, saved my game and closed PPSSPP to go grab some dinner. After eating, I came back and launched the emulator and game again. The game now freezes for me when it launches and reaches the autosave function screen. I am unable to confirm the message and continue into the game after this. Upon further testing, I can confirm that every game that features an autosave function page at the beginning now freezes upon launch. The other games still work fine.

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? I assume that wiping all of my saved data would probably work, but I was hoping to find a fix that wouldn't require me to lose all of the data! Any assistance would be immensely appreciated. I tried redownloading the newest build of PPSSPP and overwriting the emulator's files. To no avail.

Thank you!

PS. If this is double posted, I apologize! I created a thread once, but I think that I clicked the wrong button and it never appeared!
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