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A problem
03-11-2021, 08:27 PM
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A problem
hey I want to convey some of the problems that exist in the PPSSPP game, especially in the PES 2014 game, the problem is why when I play against the computer why is my computer team being stupid, aka dumb unlike the opponent's computer that plays realy well. even though I played at a normal level but why did the enemy become so good at this feeling against a pro-level computer even though when I played this game on the Playstation I was never overwhelmed when playing with a normal level computer, I always won but why when playing on PPSSPP is different from the normal level seen very difficult especially the level up. ohh .. yes and one more thing, why when playing PES on ppsspp the screen looks so small it feels uncomfortable to play soccer games with a small screen because the field doesn't look too clear and is cut off, can you fix it? ... for screen problems this little one and my computer team is a little bit stupid or less responsive or a little error this is all from me, hopefully in the future ppsspp will be even better and for the developers, hopefully it will give health and a long life and a lot of fortune thank you
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