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Nfs Most Wanted Problem
02-09-2021, 07:12 AM
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Nfs Most Wanted Problem
First i want to say hello to all and thanks for making that emulator Smile i play it more than i was on original hardware Smile. so i got small problem.

so, i play nfs mw with 60 fps patch. it works ok, there is only one track (great nothern way) where game start dropping fps. half of track is bassicaly unplayable. i drive slowly aruound that part of track to see if there is anything weird in map that can drop fps, but there is realy nothing that other maps dont have.

so i play on nvidia shield. will this drop will happend if i play on Pc. can someone try that track on Pc and tell me if game have framedrops??

i also lower resolution and use other speed hacks, but game was only uglier and frame drops still happening.

can you help me with this problem?

thanks and sorry for bad english, its not my primary language

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