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Test Drive Unlimited HD Texture Project[Help!]
01-17-2021, 02:45 AM
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Test Drive Unlimited HD Texture Project[Help!]
Hello my name is nwde, I would like to ask about an issue in this game [TDU], im making some new texture such as HUD , Vegetation, Road, Sky, & more in the future. The problem is some texture is randomly or multiply creating a new id so everytime I play the game a new texture id is saved such as the sky and the speedo meter hud its really no way i could inserting 16 sky texture id to texture.ini because its gonna be waste of time when the game start again its gonna creating a new sky texture id and its impossible to replace its again, I hope you understand my problem is there any solution? i already searching for solution around google but its seems like that is how the way psp generating texture and it has nothing to do with ppsspp but some texture like the tree texture did not generating a new id but it keep its id and never changing so the vegetation replacement work fine, thank you. Smile
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