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PSA (why does this game not work)
12-24-2020, 02:31 AM
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PSA (why does this game not work)
I am going to ignore the legal and ethical issues with pirating games and just clearly state why doing it is just going to cause you to come on here and ask why X game is not working for you.

The PSP has a long history and had/has a very active homebrew community. As a result Sony made many many different versions of it's firmware to add security (and occasionally features). There were multiple points in the lifetime of the PSP where new games were released that would not run on Firmware versions that also would allow you to have custom content on your PSP (like emulators, homebrew games, ect). To be able to keep your custom firmware and still play newer games you would often have to patch them to work on your specific custom firmware version. Those patches will mess with PPSSPP, to be fair they would often mess with other CFWs and even the same CFW if it was updated.

TLDR: A lot of games you find that you did not make your own ISO of are patched and do not work well with PPSSPP. Use the instructions to make a clean ISO and it should work much better.

Also before you ask, spam my message box.... no you can not generally remove a firmware patch (whether it is a gen one or M33 or insert other CFW patch). Even if it was possible I would not help anyways it is just faster and easier to make a clean ISO from your own game.
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