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DT Carnage [ULUS10406]
11-29-2020, 03:17 AM
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DT Carnage [ULUS10406]
Hello, I'm new here so don't throw rocks at me if I make mistakes here, I'm just asking for help if possible.

I've been recently trying to find secrets and cheats for a game that made my childhood, its called DT Carnage, its a very underrated game that nobody knows, theres nothing on most pages from web and yeah, its unknown..

So I tried unlocking everything possible by playing normally the game, like finishing 100%, doing high scores on minigames and more, but I couldn't unlock the secret car, I think its from cheat codes but since I can't find nowhere its kinda impossible to know.

So, if you like racing games mostly from PSP era you can play it on PPSSPP and may you will enjoy, but if you know how to cheat or find secrets and wants to help I would appreciate a lot!

I tried using Cheat Engine btw but couldn't change anything, I don't really know how to use Cheat Engine on PPSSPP so its my fault, but if you are experienced at making cheats for PSP games, or 60fps modes, wide resolutions, or datamining it would be awesome.

Thanks for taking your time reading this.
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