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Analog stick not working right and being set as pad [Solved/Workaround]
11-11-2020, 03:41 AM
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Analog stick not working right and being set as pad [Solved/Workaround]
If this post is confusing please let me know and ill reword it.

Hi, first let me say that after testing my hands on well over 20 emulators for both pc and android I think this one is best programmed, especially the beautiful interface, so THANKS!!!

Now my issue is specific to controllers but not to xbox wireless controllers as this also happens for the pro pad i have.

ISSUE: Right out of the box my left analog stick is recognized as pad(up/right/down/left) which is uncomfortable to me.

If I go into controller settings I see my pad keys and analog stick seem correct (that is pointing to themselves). If I just swap these two so that pad up = analog y+ (and so on) it fixes the issue in game, but then Im not really able to use the analog to its full potential since its only sending up/down/right/left. Its VERY hard for me to do diagonal input with these settings however after some hours I found some settings that so far are not causing any problems for me.. which is setting the analog limiter to .40 and analog axis sensitivity to 4.

Now it seems to be perfect and my problem goes away.

I'm posting this here really in the hopes that in the future I can come back here to see how I fixed the problem since this happens to me with all controllers. But also I'm posting here in the hopes someone explains better what's going on, I really was confused when my pad was being used as analog stick in game. And lastly I'm posting this in the hopes that a developer can fix the problem? If it even is one?
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