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Persona 2 - Innocent Sin HD UI (v1.72 Update)
08-21-2022, 08:35 AM
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RE: Persona 2 - Innocent Sin HD UI (v1.72 Update)
(08-21-2022 03:38 AM)Dragonknighted Wrote:  
(08-21-2022 02:51 AM)ryuubu Wrote:  By the way, do you know where this texture pops up?

Is she controllable as a shadow? Does she have fusion attacks?

SPOILER FOR ANY FIRST-TIMERS IN THIS THREAD (I don't see a formatting option for it)

It's during the segment at Mt. Iwato. Maya is briefly (and very obviously) replaced with her Shadow as a party member when the party reconvenes at the Detective Agency beforehand. And yes, she can do fusion attacks. It kinda surprised me that they didn't do unique battle quotes to go with the cool art variants.

Also, as a small note, you seem to have left your work on the Tarot Cards in this latest download and I'm not sure if that was intentional or not since you didn't mention it in the update.

Small Update: There's 2 different upscales of the blushing portrait in the latest download titled AmanoBlush and YukinoBlush. YukinoBlush, which textures.ini points to, looks a bit out of date to me compared to AmanoBlush since the former looks a little less clean, so I thought this was worth mentioning if you wanted to switch them around (or not, your call). To be honest, being responsible for so many quick updates is just a bit guilt-inducing (I'd be a terrible game tester).

Don't suppose you have that fusion attack texture somewhere in your "new" folder?

I changed around the YukinoBlush texture, it upscaled differently. Maybe I used a different AI last time. All fixed there I hope.

I put back only the cards that I have upscaled. I should probably get around to doing all the cards, the cleaning up is very tedious work though.

Thanks for checking for me! I really appreciate it
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