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Valkyria Chronicles 2 AI upscaled (2021-09-12)
09-07-2021, 06:03 PM
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RE: Valkyria Chronicles 2 AI upscaled
(09-07-2021 12:04 AM)vit9696 Wrote:  Sure. I completed January and February and this is what I ended up with:

While it might be too early to consider, there are several very similar textures, which seem to be growing (e.g. 00000000165df8c67c728676). Currently there is almost a thousand of them. I wonder whether they should/can be filtered.

Actually, it would also help if you provide some info on the preferences and used for optimal visuals. E.g. I had to change the rendering to 4xPSP to get much better looks, and it was not too obvious. I also saw patches like this one, but have not tried them.
This will be a clumsy explanation, but if filenames have a simillarity in them it's possible to filter them by inserting them into Texture.ini file.

In a texture pack I'm working on there are couple textures hashes I use to filter like this:

000000000000000049c302d3 =
000000000000090900000000 =
000000000000070700000000 =
000000000000080800000000 =
00000000b9eaab6eda869eec =

909 707 and 808 tend to have varying numbers after that, but if they are inserted like that whenever I dump textures those textures won't be dumped anymore. Basically find what numbers don't differ in dumped textures and replace differing bits with zeros and insert it into texture.ini file with equal sign in front of it.
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