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Less pixelated or blurry graphics on Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force games?
07-05-2020, 09:03 PM
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Less pixelated or blurry graphics on Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force games?
I notice that compared to people's screenshots or videos of Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force games running on the PPSSPP emulator, the graphics of their cards are somewhere in-between to what I'm able to get: if I put Texture Filtering on Auto or 1 of the Linear options, it's noticably more blurry, and if I put Texture Filtering on Nearest it's noticably more pixelated (besides the cards, it's especially noticably when the field has been changed to A Legendary Ocean which has a graphical "sun shines through the ocean"-effect, which looks fine in other modes, but has HUGE pixels in Linear, see: ).

Render resolution is at 10x PSP (Automatic made no difference). I've tried multiple PPSSPP versions (still had 1.6.3 installed, so I upgraded to 1.10.1), all the backends, and Texture Scaling which just gives me the option of blurry or that, as people call it, waterpainting effect. All other settings are default (even made sure of that by resetting the settings).

So I'm really wondering, what kind of settings have people used to have the cards look like Texture Filtering is somewhere in-between Nearest and Linear?
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