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Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Community Expansion (WIP) [Updated 12/16/2021]
03-02-2021, 10:51 PM
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RE: Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Expansion Using AI (WIP) [Updated 01/28/2021]
(03-02-2021 01:08 PM)ArcEnCiel Wrote:  Here's 3rd Batch of blinking frame edits. Does almost all remaining NPCs (except for Chihiro), FEMC and Yukari.
With Yukari there are some issues I noticed so it's not quite done (Folder 03 and 05 Blink frames are swapped. And Folder 22 Blink Frame has a couple transparent pixels above right eye.)

This leaves 6 more SEES members and Chihiro to edit. SEES will take some time cause ones like Akihiko, Junpei and Fuuka have 40 blink frames each.

* fixed those errors you mentioned
*corrected the collar color on Yukari's AOA portrait.
* did the same for Junpei's necklace.
* redid Margaret's model render with an edited screenshot of her from Persona 4 Golden.
* mapped a bunch of enemy textures, mostly affecting the Mayas, Towers, Giants, and Swords. I partially covered the Lovers and Hierophant bosses, although I don't think i'll end up doing the final texture for each one.
* made a small adjustment to the Tartarus teleporter menu (changed the green moon outline to be a moon, akin to FES. The rest of the menu is completely different aside from the block icons however, so I didn't apply FES textures to any of it)
* apparently I somehow made Monad point to Thebel's floor textures, so I fixed that, and applied FES textures to Thebel.

Here's the main MEGA link again for anybody who needs it, with this whole list uploaded:

At this point I think I'm mapping stuff at almost random, but progress is progress
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