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Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Community Expansion (WIP) [Updated 12/16/2021]
02-18-2021, 09:53 PM (This post was last modified: 02-19-2021 03:25 AM by flamecrest920.)
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RE: Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Expansion Using AI (WIP) [Updated 01/28/2021]
(02-18-2021 02:59 PM)TridentOfTheAbyss Wrote:  
(02-17-2021 02:34 AM)flamecrest920 Wrote:  Made a few adjustments in Unseparated, namely making a few of my edits more accurate. I think this affects some of the environmental textures, but perhaps more importantly, I redid the blonde hair edit I made for Margaret (to match her Portable portraits) and adjusted her mouth to compensate for another mapping edit this game made (Portable slid her entire mouth one pixel further down away from her nose for some reason?).

Sorry, but looking through the unseparated folder has proved to be quite a pain compared to the separated folders. Would you mind keeping the separated folders updated instead? Thanks.

I see. Ironically enough, I thought that looking through those may have been more difficult (since it assumes that i'm removing the proper stuff we've already covered from those folders). Well, so much for getting rid of them in that case. It'll take some time, but i'll try to get them up to date soon. They've honestly been hung out to dry for a while because of that need to cross-reference your stuff. (It also bears saying that everything is still in your folder arrangement in Unseparated, but then, it also includes *everything,* so I can understand it being an issue).

I've yet to upload it anywhere yet, but I got ahold of FES textures again, and I've been applying them since yesterday. The focus is still on environments and characters, although I can't say that I missed the sheer amount of files and duplicates FES has. I have to rip the Male protag's swimwear and Shirt of Chivalry textures from Portable and apply FES textures there, but otherwise he's done outside of fixing a potential seam around his eyes. It turns out Koromaru's Butler outfit was new to Portable, so I think I've done all I can for him. Yukari is in the same boat, with just about everything covered except for her new Santa outfit. I've gotten started on Aigis too, although i'm seeing if I can at least do partial improvements for Santa Yukari.

Btw Arc, please let me know how it goes with your FES rips. Obviously i'm ripping too, but I run out of patience with digging through whole directories fast. It'll help to have the two of us both working at it. By the way, would either of you want to figure out an external way to keep in touch? I can respond to a ping/notification much more reliably than I can check a forum that may or may not email me about replies haha.

EDIT: Stuff's up, in both Unseparated and the old individual folders. I removed any excess textures.ini files, so the one you need will be updated in P3 Portable (aka that silly folder that contains Unseparated and the individual folders). Yukari, FEMC, and Aigis are essentially finished. Still have to dig up those male protag textures, and move onto the SEES boys in general.
(Strength background comparison)
(Hiero background comparison)
(Hanged background comparison)
(Margaret hair and background comparison)

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