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Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Community Expansion (WIP) [Updated 12/16/2021]
12-29-2020, 11:48 PM
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RE: Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Expansion Using AI (WIP) [Updated 12/27/2020]
(12-29-2020 07:46 PM)flamecrest920 Wrote:  ...but I think it might save some headaches to leave any manual fixing for these two things until a "final" set of upscale models is nailed down. (Lest you have to redraw the redraw, as it were)...

Agreed. All the other edits come last. I also have a bunch of effects to upscale and other work to do.

(12-29-2020 07:46 PM)flamecrest920 Wrote:  The smudging crops up in some of the backdrops as well, like the FMV shots surrounding Nyx, the cross hanging shots around the betrayal, and the ones of the MCs sleeping.
I figure it might owe to being upscaled with older models than the character portraits at this point.

The FMV shots have some large issues. They are so noisy that normal upscales outright fail and denoised upscales loose too much detail. I'm still trying to find a good model for them. (And the actual FES cutscenes do not seem to be any higher quality than the screenshots used in P3P.) The cross hanging shots around the betrayal and the ones of the MCs sleeping are both examples of models in backgrounds which no model handles well. Those either need to be redrawn or ignored (unless something great is discovered).

(12-29-2020 07:46 PM)flamecrest920 Wrote:  Female Orpheus seems to be uses the older textures I did with darker shadows for the main yellow body, rather than the newer ones. Did you mean to do that?

Nope. Will be fixed rn.

(12-29-2020 07:46 PM)flamecrest920 Wrote:  I came across with an emulation issue in PPSSPP too. For the moons, I corrected the rotation of the one during the Nyx fight to closer match the original texture, but in-game the moon seems to be mirrored for some reason. (This is despite the new texture and the old one more or less being aligned)

Yeah, it seems to be weirdly broken. No clue why though.
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