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Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Community Expansion (WIP) [Updated 12/16/2021]
12-04-2020, 09:25 AM
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RE: Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Expansion Using AI (WIP) [Updated 09/26/2020]

I was just about to share about a little thing I found which basically eliminate any blinking issue with the model i'm using. I think it might help.

I believe it's made by the author of the very first P3P texture pack, Dinjerr!
Using it before ESRGAN (alpha mode 2, or with IEU) with "4x_NMKD-Yandere2_255000_G_4x_NMKD-UltraYandere_300k_interp_08.pth", I get very close to no issues with blinking animation (very much less than my previous method with waifu2xcaffe).

The spritefix should work with other models though, I tried with 4x_FatalPixels_340000_G_4x_persona_mk3_125000_G_interp_05.pth
And it does work. Had some issues with mitsuru blinking eyes though I don't know why (I get a 0octets png with this model, must be an issue with my script idk). Other than that it is looking great, we don't see any seam on the Yukari's portrait.

Result (left is with spritefix, right without):

and here is the comparison with the models I'm using (both sides are with spritefix):
On the right is what I'm actually using so everything is upscaled, but in both yukari, mitsuru and minako (and her pink shadow) and their blinking are upscaled.

I noticed mine has much less details (very noticeable on minako's hair for example) but it works better with alpha.. Not noticeable in P3P though so I guess yours is the way to go for it! Thanks for sharing
Anyway if you want to do your own comparisons, my dump upscaled not sorted:

If you can upscale both blinking and portraits together it is indeed the best for P3P portraits though and you already paired every portraits, very nice. Hope it turns out well!
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