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Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Community Expansion (WIP) [Updated 12/16/2021]
10-09-2020, 10:39 PM (This post was last modified: 10-09-2020 10:40 PM by BanhCanh.)
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RE: Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Expansion Using AI (WIP) [Updated 09/26/2020]
(10-09-2020 10:15 PM)TridentOfTheAbyss Wrote:  A lot of the upscales seem a bit off. Although, I'll do a comparison with my new upscales when they finish (which could be never at this rate). Also, what exactly was the issue with transparency? I didn't think there was an issue when using the specified model in ESRGAN using IEU. Is there something I'm missing?

It's possible, I wasn't too picky with the quality, it just looked good enough for me. I believe yours looks better, I really looked for the easiest way/ok quality.

The textures's opacity were altered. I mean I'm clearly no expert and I might have enabled the wrong settings but I had some textures being too transparent: you could see the background through the portrait for example. So I played around and since upscaling alpha channels with waifu2xcaffe gave good result I decided to do that instead. Kind of quick and dirty but I don't know how else I can fix this.

I've used this:

Here's is what I've done:
Quote:move "D:\Nextcloud\Emulation\PSP\TEXTURES\ULES01523\new\*.png" "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending\untouched"^
&& magick "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending\untouched\*.png" -set filename:base "%[basename]" -alpha extract "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending\splitted\alpha\%[filename:base].png"^
&& magick convert "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending\untouched\*.png" -set filename:base "%[basename]" -alpha off "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending\splitted\noalpha\%[filename:base].png"^
&& python "D:\Programmes\ESRGAN\" "D:\Programmes\ESRGAN\models\4x_fatal_Anime_500000_G_4x_FatalPixels_340000_G_inte​rp_075.pth" --input "D:\Output\P3P\pending\splitted\noalpha" --output "D:\Output\P3P\pending_ESRGAN\noalphax4" --skip_existing --alpha_mode 2^
&& D:\Programmes\waifu2x-caffe\waifu2x-caffe-cui.exe -i "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending\splitted\alpha" -o "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending_ESRGAN\alphax4_waifu2xcaffe" -m noise_scale --scale_ratio 4.0 --noise_level 3 --tta "1" -p "cudnn" -c "320" --model_dir "models/cunet"^
&& (for /r "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending_ESRGAN\noalphax4\" %a in (*.png) do (magick convert "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending_ESRGAN\noalphax4\%~na.png" "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending_ESRGAN\alphax4_waifu2xcaffe\%~na.png" -alpha off -compose CopyOpacity -composite "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending_ESRGAN\readyx4\%~na.png"))^
&& Xcopy "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending_ESRGAN\readyx4\*.png" "D:\Nextcloud\Emulation\PSP\TEXTURES\ULES01523"^
&& move "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending\untouched\*" "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\Orig\untouched"^
&& move "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending\splitted\noalpha\*.png" "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\Orig\splitted\noalpha"^
&& move "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending\splitted\alpha\*.png" "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\Orig\splitted\alpha"^
&& move "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending_ESRGAN\alphax4_waifu2xcaffe\*.png" "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\done_ESRGAN\alphax4_waifu2xcaffe"^
&& move "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending_ESRGAN\noalphax4\*.png" "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\done_ESRGAN\noalphax4"^
&& move "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\pending_ESRGAN\readyx4\*.png" "D:\OUTPUT\P3P\done_ESRGAN\readyx4"

It works "ok" so.. but next time I play, I'm definitely going to replace some of my textures with those higher quality packs since I now know it works. Meanwhile if you did get good result with ESRGAN-only I'd like to know where I did wrong though. Thanks
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