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Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Community Expansion (WIP) [Updated 12/16/2021]
09-29-2020, 07:08 PM
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RE: Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Expansion Using AI (WIP) [Updated 09/26/2020]
(09-27-2020 07:54 AM)BanhCanh Wrote:  Hello, I did something similar for the EUR version (I don't own the US version and I am unsure it would work with it). I have around 5K texture dumped but with hash=xxh64 on the EUR version so I don't think it's gonna be compatible with yours.

I tried something with waifu2x(vulkan in my case as I wanted processing speed) and then GigapixelAI. Likewise had issue with the alpha channel not being upscaled and still being low res. That's why I then batch extracted all alpha channel (with imagemagisk), upscaled them (with waifuvulkan CLI) separately then remerged them but the haloing bright edge are still there somehow (I believe it's due to some sharpening applied).. I also noticed GigapixelAI affect the color of the image.

A workaround would be to defringe all blinking textures which I've done with great success but since it cut down a bit the texture it's not a clean way to do it I believe (I did it with Autocrispy without upscaling. I didn't bother finding another way to batch defringe images yet..).

Finally I had some issue with the UI text transparency when upscaling with GigapixelAI too (and I didn't tried DenoiseAI yet, I don't own it). Did you encounter the same issue ?

Thanks for sharing your procedure (i'm going to play around this) Smile

Wow! Thanks for explaining your results. I did not use Gigapixel AI for the UI. Most of the UI was already done by DinJerr and hououin_kyouma in their versions of the texture pack. When working with the remaining UI textures (mainly a few characters like $ and ^), I did one of three things:
1) Redrew them completely. I'm not very good at this, but drawing a black circle or a horizontal line isn't that difficult.
2) Upscaled them using waifu2x and then edited them if necessary (which it often was). This was helpful for textures that were rather simple and easy for the AI to make out, like the texture for the character ^.
3) Stole the texture from another source and then edited it to match the style of the game (and size of the pack). For example, I took the @ symbol from a font pack similar to the one used in the game (since I couldn't figure out what the actual font pack was) and edited the proportions.
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