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persona 3 portable Black screen
03-28-2020, 01:34 AM
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persona 3 portable Black screen
hi, i recently downloaded ppsspp on my cellphone to play the persona 1 remaster. everything worked fine and i'm still playing It, but yesterday i decided to play persona 3 so i installed it. After that, i opened up the game, choosed my character's gender and game difficulty and proceeded to the starting game lines (you know, that "you have one year" thing almost every persona game has) just to be stopped by a Black screen. i searched around and could only find similar problems on the PC version, but not the exact same thing (the closest thing i could find was this thread here in which one guy apparently gave a messed up config which leads to the exact same problem, but that was on Pc in a custom config, my config is set to default), can someone help me with this? this is my first post here, so if i missed anything please tell me, also Sorry for my bad english
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