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PPSSPP causes performance issues
03-02-2020, 02:30 AM
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RE: PPSSPP causes performance issues
That's very strange. I use a DualShock 4 controller similarly all the time, without any issues.

After how long of a play session does this normally happen? Are we talking minutes, hours? I assume it doesn't happen when playing other games for similar lengths of time.

Do you have another controller you could try? Or could you try using the keyboard for a while? This might help to narrow down if it's specifically caused by the controller. I suggest completely unplugging the Xbox 360 controller during any test to be sure.

You might also try plugging the controller in somewhere else (not just another USB port right next to where it is now, but ideally a different USB port as far from that as possible.)

I know a user once reported a conflict with Steam and controllers (I think it just made the controller behave erratically.) They had to close Steam when playing PPSSPP for controller input to work properly. If possible, it'd be best to try disabling/quitting as much as possible that runs in the background during such a test as well.

All that said, normally nothing PPSSPP can do should stop Windows from forcing it to quit. This sounds like a driver issue or a hardware fault, but hopefully it's not. Those can be particularly tricky to find:

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