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how do psp games load savedata ffrom ms0:
02-01-2020, 06:48 PM
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how do psp games load savedata ffrom ms0:
i already know some games load data using the function sceUtilitySaveDataInitStart

So the problem is that i just found out not all games call this and i was about to reverse engineer this one games data just to discover it doesn't even call this function

More on that, here is a dump of the games import library for it's main method prx

Import Library UtilsForUser, attr 0x4001
Function Imports:
Entry 1 : UID 0x79D1C3FA, Function 0x0895D87C
Entry 2 : UID 0x34B9FA9E, Function 0x0895D884
Entry 3 : UID 0x37FB5C42, Function 0x0895D88C
Entry 4 : UID 0x3EE30821, Function 0x0895D894
Entry 5 : UID 0x71EC4271, Function 0x0895D89C
Entry 6 : UID 0x91E4F6A7, Function 0x0895D8A4
Entry 7 : UID 0x27CC57F0, Function 0x0895D8AC

the UID for SceUtilitySavedatainitStart is 0x79d1c3fa.

there's also more utility functions listed on the emu. But saveDataInitStart is not listed.

The problem is I can't figure out how the game handles the loading of the savedata for further analysis,seeing how it doesn't use the utility kernel library
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