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Medal of Honor(solution to fix it too)
02-01-2020, 12:50 PM (This post was last modified: 02-22-2020 11:35 PM by NovaPSP Gamer.)
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Medal of Honor(solution to fix it too)
Ok.....??hi....:| i think this game(title) is supposed to be colored but what happen??totally black......but some game may infection i have the solution to fix it....
1.Check MODE in graphic option
If you use Skip Buffer effects(non-buffered, faster)
Use buffered rendering cause it will render the scene in the game

2.Check if your turn on Record Display/Audio for PC(suggest for speed)

Turn it OFF!cause it will make your game lag..because it need to record the gaming scene without being missed even one frame

3.Set your Audio(for Audio :))

Check the audio latency.make sure its LOW!I suggest GLOBAL VOLUME TO 7 to prevent from missing frame in the game

4.Make sure you extract the game fully(compressed)

First thing i will check is if the game was succesfully decompressed..if you game not succesfully will corrupt cause doesnt receive the file from the real extract it so correctly

Note:Some game use so many storage space so i suggest use SDCard / Internal Storage to decompressed it...

5.Game is not Original..

What does this mean??well....have ever you see in youtube PES highly compressed??(someting like that)it actually took file from the game .iso and make new folder...this is not suggest cause if you play it will lost file/data make sure you download the ORIGINAL game

Note:if still use highly compressed game from other youtuber in youtube...make sure it's .iso / .cso

That's all from me:)if you have suggestion about this post,just leve a comment...????
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