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Possible to get rid of the glitches in Everybody's Golf games ?
01-22-2020, 03:19 AM
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Possible to get rid of the glitches in Everybody's Golf games ?
I am using this emulator on a Nvidia Shield Tv and nearly all the games look and run perfect, but having trouble with both the Everybody's Golf games.

The game looks perfect and so nice accept when im trying to take a swing, wither putting or just normally. With Vulkan on the fairways, the game slows down to about 40% speed (so i can handle that because its easier to stop) but the problem is (specially with putting) the screen flickers and can cause some big annoyances.

And with Open GL, when you are going to hit the ball, the backswing meter is full speed, but there is a big delay when pushing the button and its very off putting and sometimes when putting as well the screen does all wierd things, like its trying to put me off lol.

So I was wondering if there is a fix for this as I have tried a fair few, but i really dont understand most and just doing random things. Btw, the game runs full speed everywhere else and looks great its just during BACKSWINGS and happens the same in both games

Also, does Motorstorm run well in this emulator ? As i cant get in running and looking good either, thanks.
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