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Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core HD/Remaster Project WIP
01-14-2020, 01:16 PM (This post was last modified: 02-07-2020 12:13 AM by AkiraJkr.)
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Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core HD/Remaster Project WIP
About this Texture Project:

This is a project to modify the game to have better quality textures for crispness and clarity.Im not a pro , just a better version i will update every week ^^ and please be cool this is free and i work really hard dont forget this and have fun

Comparison Shots:

[Image: 5M1iO21h.png]
[Image: YwQWGSvh.png]
[Image: vcp55iCh.png]
[Image: Pa7BsV5h.png]
[Image: SiANrHoh.png]
[Image: so4Qpk9h.png]
[Image: N5y6ghMh.png]
[Image: bMnD75nh.png]
[Image: 9oRu514h.png]
[Image: jQVjsSxh.png]
[Image: QHQhUHDh.png]
[Image: v7iyDjSh.png]
[Image: Sy0Q6g5h.png]
[Image: KydHPlLh.png]
[Image: KhyNiXlh.png]
[Image: AeUhO9Fh.png]
[Image: 5ZU1P91h.png]
[Image: T48CLinh.png]
[Image: mHkb3xkh.png]
[Image: qnOEE2Sh.png]
More to come soon!

Link : (texture)
For the Enlgish version UI *Copy this Part UI in the Texture.ini from this to the 1045 * (UI English)
Only the 2 End zone i are not HD i will update this part soon i finished today the game so take a break ^^


- Title logos & Main menu page: 100%(100% un french)
- Sub-menu in-game: 100%(100% in french)
- Various icons: 100%
- Character image in the dialogue box: 100%
- Character models (Player/NPC):90% (last zone)
- Text in the dialogue box & sub-menu: 100%
- Various effects: 90%
- Monsters:  90(last zone)
- Fields & Objects on the map: 100%
***important**UI English is not from me but from KaosuReido Big credit to him!!
i just put on french version (compatibilited)

How To Use/Install:

1. First, you want to enable the "Replace Textures" option inside PPSSPP.
To do that, you go to Settings > Tools > Developer Tools and check the box for it.

2. Afterwards, go to your PPSSPP directory
(Windows Installer Version is in My Documents/PSP)
(Windows Zipped version is in memstick/PSP)
(Android is in flash0/PSP)

3. Create a folder named TEXTURES in the same place as GAME, PPSSPP_STATE, SYSTEM, SAVEDATA, etc.

4. Put the texture folder of the game you want inside of TEXTURES.
(Make sure the folder's name matches the GAME ID)
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