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Issues with Pump it Up Exceed on PPSSPP
11-28-2019, 12:31 PM
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Issues with Pump it Up Exceed on PPSSPP
Hi, I downloaded a rom that is Pump it Up Exceed and I have found some issues that need to be fixed, When I start one of the modes it sometimes crashes the emulator for no reason, and when I tried to play some specific songs and finished them, it also crashes the emulator like I said before,

The songs I talking about that crashes the emulator are these ones

Final Audition 3 UF
Pump Me Amadeus
I Love You Baby
The Rap Act 3
Shake it Up
Born to be alive
And La Cubanita

I'm also trying to find cheats for Pump it Up Exceed but there is none.

Can someone explain the whole issue about the random crashes in Pump it Up Exceed on PPSSPP? I really want these issues for the rom to be fixed. Thanks.

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