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Frame pacing issue android
11-02-2019, 10:23 AM
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Frame pacing issue android
There seems to be a bug currently with frame pacing on the latest versions of ppsspp in Android.

I'm getting the same issues across 3 devices I have tested, the Nvidia shield tv, black shark 2 phone, rog phone 2.

Basically any game that runs at 60fps plays absolutely fine (games like ridge racer etc)

Any game that runs at 30/30 framerate have frame pacing issues that aren't on a real psp. This is across any game that I have tried (get this problem with daxter, brave story etc, basically any game that's supposed to be locked to 30fps)

It's even an issue on the core in retroarch so there must be an issue somewhere.

It didn't used to be like this on older versions of ppsspp so not sure when this issue was introduced.

My framerate doesn't dip when this happens and I believe all devices are more than powerful enough for ppsspp (as 60fps games play flawlessly like I mentioned).

Is this a known issue?
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