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Tekken 6 HD Texture Pack [ULUS10466] v0.3
04-23-2020, 08:43 AM (This post was last modified: 04-25-2020 02:11 PM by ryuubu.)
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RE: Tekken 6 HD Texture Pack [ULUS10466] v0.3
So I ported the UI textures changes to the switch dude, hope you don't mind.

I reduced the resolution by 50% and as a thank you I sorted out the fonts.

They're not perfect, but feel free to use them if you want.

Also find attached two missing character portraits for Panda, I actually made them from scratch so if you have a better way of getting them then please do lol

Also the beginner rank texture was missing.

Also texture 00000000a766a064df9a95ef was pointing at a TGA file which stopped it being replaced. here are two textures I quickly made for the menu boxes and loading circle - Panda Portraits Left and Right - Fonts (Key is qVZ-AFXI6jh7a2ZoYeXYrPtSzDZ4X-2whC2AVFc4Tyw ) - Switch Version (UI + Fonts only) - (Key is uUMkdSzzd3o9B7Ssmv-Lu2KOP9VPfbfhwDcmoGgxuwg )

Still working on getting this performing well - I recommend a CPU overclock of 1326 for a nice balance, or Max overclock for basically no slowdown on load, no GPU overclock necessary.
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