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La Pucelle: Ragnarok (ULJS00244) HD UI Replacement Pack
07-14-2019, 01:56 AM
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La Pucelle: Ragnarok (ULJS00244) HD UI Replacement Pack
This is retexture project for the UI of La Pucelle: Ragnarok, a TRPG developed by NIS and taking place in the same world as Disgaea. This texture pack is developed for the unofficial English patch of the game.

[Image: source-GitHub-303030.svg?maxAge=2678400&] [Image: license-CC--NC-blue.svg?maxAge=2678400&] [Image: lapucelle-textures.svg?maxAge=3600&]


The unofficial patch has been known to have font issues for a while, so while I tried my best to fix them please keep into account that text may still look weird in some places. Be also aware I'm not a texture artist, and I'm not aiming at replicating the look of the original game exactly, but simply trying to improve the visual experience of my own playthrough. This pack contains the following features, which can be cherry-picked in case you don't like the look of some of these:
  • Font replacement for interface text (hence excluding location panels, etc.) using several fonts with free noncommercial licenses. See the Font section of the README file to see my line of thought.
  • Button icon replacement using the PS3 buttons of the Free Keyboard and Controllers Prompts Pack made by @xelu. If there is any interest, I may do other versions of this for different platforms.
  • Menu sprites replacement using equivalent HQ item sprites from Disgaea 5. This works using functional analogy: I used the new Fairy Dust sprite although it does not look similar, etc.
  • Dialog box replacement based on an actual victorian art frame. They do not look at all like the original ones but for technical reasons with how the game draws these dialogs (and also because I'm not that great of a designer) that's the best I can offer right now.

Detailed instructions can be found in the Install section of the README.


You can use the GitHub issue tracker to report any problem with this texture pack. When doing so, please provide a screenshot, and if possible a PPSSPP savestate that can be used to repeat the problem. Thanks!


Screenshots were taken with PPSPP in 6x resolution and 3x texture upscaling.

[Image: screen1-new.png] [Image: screen1-old.png]

[Image: screen5-new.png] [Image: screen5-old.png]

[Image: screen3-new.png] [Image: screen3-old.png]

[Image: screen4-new.png] [Image: screen4-old.png]
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