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Touchscreen Buttons Customization
07-09-2019, 01:19 AM
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Touchscreen Buttons Customization
Hey guys i love Rhythm games so much that's why I'm playing Taiko no Tatsujin Portable Dx.

So i made lot of custom touch button to make the gameplay really nice in touchscreen mode, even i prefer use touchscreen button more than actual controller. Because i play with 0% opacity.

This is my custom, In game play we just need 4 buttons to play
1= L1
4= R1

And i made X button visible to cancel or go back option.

My only problem is with the D-Pad button that i use to choose song or menu option, i feel is really hard to touch it because always got double buttons to touch or the shape make it's really hard to touch. So i always got miss touch.


So i tried to solve this problem with make another custom touchscreen button, that makes R1 and L1 visible, and use 5 combo Buttons to handle D-PAD
2= O
3= UP
4= Right
5= Down

Now the problem is the shape of R1 and L1 make it really hard to custom, if i make it bigger is good cause it cover a lot of screen but i cant move it freely. If i make it smaller i can move it freely, but it will be hard to touch.


1. With the first custom button my gameplay is really nice but bad at choosing the song or menu option.
2. The second custom button its turn the opposite.

My suggestion
1. Add more combo buttons and custom shape like rectangle
2. Reshape R1 L1 to rectangle will be easier to Resize
3. Make D-Pade button visibility 1 by 1 like Action button.
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