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why do some cheats not work on PPSSPP but work on PSP?
07-03-2019, 04:05 PM
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why do some cheats not work on PPSSPP but work on PSP?
I am playing the Japanese version of Tactics Ogre LUCT. I fond found some awesome cheats online (from the same source), but while some like “max money” work, others like ”money does not decrease”“10 movement range” etc do not work at all.

I pasted the cheats to a friends PSP memory card who have the same game and interestingly, these exact same cheats i pasted over work perfectly on his actual PSP running the exact same game (but he has the UMD rather than a ROM) from the same region.

Does anyone know why this might be the case? Why does the same cheats for the same game does not work on the PPSSPP but does work on a real PSP?

Thank you for your help!

PS i have attached the cw ini file. I have tried most of the cheats just to see if they would work, and most dont, but some do, which is really weird since they are all from the same source.
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