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$100 Bounty:Test Drive Unlimited [Android, Mac][1.8.0][Ingame Working, Adhoc Issue]
05-01-2019, 06:58 AM (This post was last modified: 05-01-2019 06:21 PM by spewfr.)
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$100 Bounty:Test Drive Unlimited [Android, Mac][1.8.0][Ingame Working, Adhoc Issue]
Title: Test Drive Unlimited
Genre: Racing, Open World
Region: US
Format: ISO
Version: v?.?
OS: Android/Mac
Compatibility: Playable/In-game
Notes: Ad-Hoc Completely Broken

Hey there fellow emus,

I'm offering a bounty of $100 USD (PayPal, Venmo, etc.) to whoever can help me get a fix for this game, Test Drive Unlimited, so the multiplayer ad-hoc portion of the game actually works.

Important info:
  • The game's official ID is ULUS-10249
  • I'm running PPSSPP 1.8.0 on all devices
  • I've confirmed that another game's ad-hoc works for me, called Pilot Academy
  • To get the game's choppiness bug fixed, there's a cheat code that must be enabled before loading the game to remove a forced post-processing on the graphics

So here's the problem: Test Drive Unlimited (TDU) is a game that's meant to be played in multiplayer, but ever since the servers went offline in 2009, it's been a very quiet world to play in. I want to try and revive the game by creating a dedicated ad-hoc server that TDU players can access through PPSSPP.

Everything in-game works and I'm delighted that the post-processing graphics issue finally got a fix, but now the only thing missing is the ad-hoc multiplayer compatibility.

The network initialization process *apparently* goes just fine in the main menu settings screen, for PPSSPP's built-in Pro server, but once you get in-game and have two people at the same spot on the driving map, you can't see the other player. Also, in the "Drive-In" rooms, accessible via the map, you should be able to create a room to play with other people. That also never works. Basically, ad-hoc is completely broken here and needs a fix.

I've included some screenshots on Imgur in hopes that you may be able to see what the issue is. If you have any specific questions about this bug, don't be afraid to PM me directly or comment below.

Just to re-iterate, I'm promising $100 to the first dev that fixes this to the point where I can set up a public server, where I can have friends join me from another city.

Cheers and thanks for your help!

_S ULUS-10249
_G Test Drive Unlimited
_C0 (Requires restart)
_C0 Remove slow and ugly effect
_L 0xE0020406 0x002DC218
_L 0x202DC218 0x00003021
_L 0x202DC21C 0x00000000
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