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xBRZ custom build - Help with compiling
04-19-2019, 11:17 AM
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xBRZ custom build - Help with compiling
Greetings o/

First off, thanks for all the hard work!
Very nice emulator, been using the 1.8.0 release for a few weeks and found very little problems overall. Smooth gameplay and feature-packed. As usual, an open project puts multi-billion dollar corporations' emulators to shame Tongue

I do need a hand with a couple issues tho:

One of the rare issues I found got solved by simply tweaking the settings around a bit.

Ikki Tousen Xross Impact: Texture filtering via the upscaling menu in any mode generated horizontal tear lines on all moving sprites. Deposterize does nothing.

Workaround: Enabling the post-process xBRZ 5x or HQ4X filter with texture upscaling turned OFF works beautifully, and has no issues apart from very minor artifacting on a a few frames.

The second one is not quite an issue, but something I can't seem to do:

After searching google and the forums for about 2 hours, I could not find a single build (buildbot show all included) that has the 2 modifications I'm looking for. Which I found somewhat astonishing given the kind of problem it solves.

I tried following this guide, but knowing less than nothing about programing jargon or coding in general, I just can't get my head around it. Adding to my confusion are the broken image links on that thread where visual aids should be. I'm also not sure if the info is still up to date.

I was following the guide for the purpose of compiling a version of the latest stable 1.8.0 release for myself, but with the following modifications:

#define TEXCACHE_MAX_TEXELS_SCALED (1024*1024)  // Per frame


// Changes more frequent than this will be considered "frequent" and prevent texture scaling.

The reason being that, from my understanding, games like Breath of Fire 3 and SotN animate sprites by changing the textures constantly, which trips a feature implemented way back preventing xBRZ from having it's effect applied on every frame to save on performance.

Thing is, my machine can easily filter anything on the fly, and the games in question end up extremely distracting to me, as all I can see is the constant spazzing out of every unit in the game as they shift texture resolution around.

As side note, btw, a toggle function or a drop-down option settings for these variables would be appreciated as a new feature. It would allow people running on toasters to have xBRZ applied most of the time, while letting those of us with Titan cards and 5ghz+ OC's to not waste the abundant surplus of horsepower.

Anyways, if some kind soul would be willing to compile such a version for me and post it on the buildbot, I'm sure a few other people would benefit as well. If not, then any links to an updated guide would be appreciated.

I considered trying to retexture the games, but I found no texture packs for them, and it seems a lot of work for a single game whereas a modified build would allow people to simply apply the brute-force approach to any such games to begin with.

Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading and have a great day! Big Grin
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