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Texture Packs Guidelines and Tips - READ BEFORE CREATING A THREAD
03-25-2019, 07:30 PM (This post was last modified: 02-18-2020 10:47 AM by AkiraJkr.)
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Information Texture Packs Guidelines and Tips - READ BEFORE CREATING A THREAD
If you previously had a texture pack on this forum, and want it moved, please alert one of the mods at our official Discord so we can get right into it! Use this thread to request the move if you can't use Discord!


Official Guide on creating a Texture Pack

Please read it thoroughly to avoid issues with users!


If you don't see your texture pack's thread after posting it, it's probably your first time posting, and those goes into moderation approval so we can avoid bots! Please be patient! Or contact us via Discord.

Welcome to the Texture Packs subforum!

Here's some basic rules to get you started before posting a Texture Pack!

-Of course, do not provide downloads to the game! If it is really necessary, tell the region, or version of the game that your pack is compatible with, and if you have a patch, the SHA256 and MD5 so users know if their game copies are compatible.
-If you are modding the game with your texture pack, again, do not give download links to the game, modded or not! Please use xdelta to create a patch so users can patch their copies themselves. If possible, support as many versions of the game as you can.

-Although not necessary, please try to provide instructions for the users, there are many who don't know how to install texture packs.

And now, for TIPS, things that aren't rules, but very recommended to do:

-Organize your texture pack! Do not put everything in just the main folder, organize in categories, clean up dead pixels from the images, perhaps even name the texture so you can easily remember them if they are unique and memorable!(Like a character's model for example = Terra from Birth by Sleep as Terra Model.png)
-Make sure there are no textures that haven't been left untouched, or that'd be wasted space on the texture pack! And no, there is not much reason to put PNG Compression at anything lower than 9(based on GIMP Exporting standards), and please, try to clear your "new" folder before publishing the pack!
-Try using GitHub to host your texture pack, so you can easily make changes and drop them at users, and get to know when there's something wrong, of course, if you're paranoid, you can always make mirrors to download it, though it'd be harder to maintain the updates.
-Try to include a album showing the differences, or some screenshots of your pack. Imgur has been compressing images and removed the option to not do so, so I recommend other alternatives. You can try using GitHub itself, making issues with image comparisons. If you want a repository to do just that, try this one.
-Providing a date of when it was last updated in the title can be quite helpful.

Q:"There's already a texture pack for %GAME%, can I still make my own?
A:"Yes, you can, there are no restrictions to doing that, even if a game already has a 'perfect' texture pack or anything like that, feel free to start your own project."

Q:"I can't find documentation on how to create my texture pack! Where do I start?
A:"If you have any questions or confused on how to create your texture pack, read official instructions like it's linked in the beginning of this post, contact me, or someone else with a 'Texture Modder' role on Discord(please don't ping), or follow my very incomplete guide to making a Texture Pack and hosting it on GitHub, that could probably not apply to all games.
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