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Curent PPSSPP Version Not Working on Windows 10
03-09-2019, 07:30 PM (This post was last modified: 03-09-2019 07:32 PM by Dukatti.)
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RE: Curent PPSSPP Version Not Working on Windows 10
Try anything of these:
0. find any IT related games lover man around yourself in reality that will explain you few things, will teach you how to get notes and google.
1. "right click -> run with graphical processor". Run with Nvidia.
2. In "right click" properties give ppsspp administrative rights, then go to Nvidia settings and configure to run every application with Nvidia GPU [sometimes reboot might be required]
3. Google for Vulkan drivers. Download and install.
4. Avoid power settings higher then "adaptive"/"balanced" to save laptop for more then 3-4 years. Monitor it's tempretures under 100% load for both of CPU and Nvidia GPU.
And an instead configure settings in nvidiaprofileinspector, intel control panel, nvidia control panel, games/emulators/ppsspp .ini etc. config files, Windows dpi scaling, font AA and system custom resolutions [see a difference between display adapter resolution and blurry scaled low-to-original resolutions by Windows, by GPU intel/nvidia]

0. Make sure you googled well before posting messages that steal your time, and lots of people's around in their tries of guessing and repeating the same information again and again as if they were programmer's prayers. At least always type full list of what you've already tried before [in addition of using of an older version]
[your laptop is powerful enough for ppsspp, which is the most optimised and user-friendly emulator ever created. I remember playing on steady 60+ fps with overspeed even with Pentium G2020 + GT610 using 1xPSP]

Avoid "but" and "no". Workaround with love [over hate] . before post.
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