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Curent PPSSPP Version Not Working on Windows 10
03-09-2019, 01:22 PM
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RE: Curent PPSSPP Version Not Working on Windows 10
There's nothing like "PPSSPP doesn't work in win 10" it does work just fine, most of us use win 10 without any problems.

Your problem is that you have a weak older laptop with nvidia and intel graphics and whichever is set as default one fails to use Vulkan which from some time was made default in PPSSPP. Either try to update graphics drivers to latest ones(both for nvidia and intel) or simply extract new ppsspp over old one with ini file already created so it keeps using same backend that worked for you. Overall there was a decision to change windows default backend to d3d11 which works better anyway exactly for the sake of vulkan missdetection. But if it's still not done, just use ini file from the version that worked or manually switch backend by editing ini file if it even get's created. Upgrading drivers can be enough to support vulkan through assuming they are still getting updates.

If you have slowdowns etc those are more likely caused by your settings not ppsspp version since not that many things changed and like always there are some regressions as well. We do have a bunch of settings that scales very well for powerful pc's, which yours is not. You can try plugging in your laptop to a wall socket and/or change power plan to performance to make it a bit better, but you really can't use too much graphic enhancements on such system, both of it's graphics chips are just too low end and graphics is typical bottleneck of PSP emulation. CPU power is only trully demanded for texture scaling and software rendering, but those work best at modern cpu's with many highly clocked cores, laptops are just meh, especially old ones and even with limitations set to avoid it, stutter and stuff alike can happen when using texture scaling on slower cpu's.

Also take note, psp games ran natively at low fps, sometimes even much lower than the "cinematic experience", if that's what you call "laggy" and "choppy" then PSP emulation is just not for you. There are fps patches, but most of them break physics or other things and can't be considered an improvement. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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