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PPSSPP 1.7.4 Crashes Untold Legends 2
02-22-2019, 04:16 PM
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RE: PPSSPP 1.7.4 Crashes Untold Legends 2
(02-19-2019 08:58 AM)Abbanon Wrote:  
Luktom100 Wrote:I Almost completed the game, there is no traces of any critical errors during gameplay, like the one before, but i noticed, that the emulator dosent play any cinematics, which are available in "Extras" submenu, there is just a black screen, nothing happens and the game freezes, so you need to restart the emulator.

Ok, now i know for 100% It has to do something with the FMV. I beat the whole game, and after last conversation with king Azran a Black screen appears (There should be an FMV there). Heres the save state, from the last boss fight, after that approach King Azran for the last conversation and you will encounter the bug.

Some games have issues with running FMV sequences, and the current fix for that is changing the I/O Timing Method to "Host (Bugs, less lag)" in Settings > System.

I did that and i still experience issues with cutscenes.
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