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Legend of heroes prophecy of moonlight witch problem
04-05-2021, 05:49 PM
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RE: Legend of heroes prophecy of moonlight witch problem
(11-30-2018 02:49 PM)[Unknown] Wrote:  Try setting:

* Vertex cache OFF
* Retain changed textures OFF
* Lazy texture caching OFF

They can cause glitches like what you've described.


Testing builds of PPSSPPSDL git master on AARCH64 linux with Panfrost (FOSS) GPU drivers.
git master commit 39198b53a521ae7d8031303173b1b12164659017 (feb 23, 2021)

API v3.0.0 ES / Shading OpenGL ES GLSL ES 3.00

Build config SDL:Linux, arm64, Driver Mali G52 (Panfrost), NDEBUG // USING_GLES2 // ARM_NEON.

The Legend of Heroes Trails + SC and Crossbel Arc and most games render fine.

Legend of Heroes: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch and Song of The Ocean (eng) have problems.

Title Screen and videos play fine. The SoTO scripted beginning (seagull flight) renders fine.
[Image: -cjG.jpg]

Tried vertex cache, retain textures and texture caching off.

GPU Driver test reports all okay:
Problem appears under wayland/wayfire and Xorg.

MD5Sums of problem isos:

f8e86ae153bb91c21b922e5ef6337f37 Legend_of_Heroes_2_ProphecyOTMW.iso

02a36b9fbb1b94ec8e43f9bf93219647 Legend_of_Heroes_3-Song_of_TO.iso

I'm guessing it's not a GPU driver issue on my system but rather something specific to PPSSPP and these particular titles. I have tested through many combinations of rendering and cpu options.

Anyone else see similar issues?
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