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FPS drops and stutters when playing Monster Hunter 3rd
09-26-2018, 11:37 PM
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FPS drops and stutters when playing Monster Hunter 3rd
Hi y'all. I'm having some problems with my emulator on PC when playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (HD version) for the past few days. I've been playing this game for a long time and never had any problems with it before.

The problem:

What happens is that after playing the game for a while just fine, it starts to drop the FPS (kinda stutters), and it's barely playable at this state. Everything slows down. The only thing that makes it kinda playable again is by enabling frameskip. Sometimes, the game automatically returns to full speed, just to drop FPS again after a while. It's important to note that I've been having this issue just in the past few days. Never had it before, used to play this game without any problems.

I noticed that when the game is on that state of stuttering, if I close the emulator it opens a window saying "Wait for emuthread timed out", and closes by itself.

I also noticed that when that stuttering happens and I open the emulator's console log, some of the last lines reads as follows:

05:42:734 CsePspSndDrv E[SCESAS]: HLEzsceSas.cpp:650 80420020=_sceSasRevType<0a000940, 65535): invalid type
12:39:927 idle0 E[SCEKERNEL]: HLE\sceKernelThread.cpp:12 _KernelGetWaitID ERROR: thread 332
12:39:927 idle0 E[SCEKERNEL]: HLE\sceKernelThread.cpp:11 _KernelGetWaitID ERROR: thread 343
07:00:902 idle0 E[SCEKERNEL]: HLE\sceKernelThread.cpp:11 _KernelGetWaitID ERROR: thread 343

My PC (laptop) specs:

Intel i3 2310M processor 2.10Ghz
Intel HD Graphics 3000
4 Gb of RAM
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits

What I've tried:

- Reinstalling the emulator (the version I use is v1.3).
- Tried installing the latest PPSSPP version (v1.6.3).
- Tried to run the x86 and x64 versions of the emulators.
- Tried running the emulators as administrator
- Tried running on compatibility mode (Windows Vista)
- Tried defragging and optimizing the PC.
- Tried various settings in the graphics section of the emulator.

What may be the cause of this problem? Is there any way to fix it?
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