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Odd Bug for 1.6.3
08-10-2018, 02:36 PM
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Odd Bug for 1.6.3
Hi there!

So I've been using 1.6.3 for a good long while now, on two separate computers with no issues....until last week.

Last week, a few days after updating Windows 10 (Wish it was anything else), it just randomly stopped working. Not crashing, not being weird, just giving me a little thinking circle and doing nothing on launch. Compatibility mode, Admin, reinstall, nothing changed this.

I used 1.5.4 for a while, since I use it to do a few YT series. Well, yesterday one of my versions of 1.5.4 randomly just deleted itself upon restarting my computer. Every single thing in that folder is just gone. So now I have 1.6.3 which won't launch, and a self destructing version of 1.5.4.

I didn't change anything aside from the backend and resolutions settings, as I usually do for the sake of accommodating different games.

Nothing I found online seemed to indicate what I could do with this...the most similar thing being an OpenGL fix thing that did nothing.

Does anyone have any advice? I made a video here, in case it gives any info for anyone (The black screen was the admin box, not the emulator)

Thank You in advance!

-Coffee Potato
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08-11-2018, 02:18 AM
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RE: Odd Bug for 1.6.3
Strange, especially self destructing. I would suggest checking your anti-virus software - it may show if it detected a threat in the logs.

I would also suggest trying a recent git build from here:

This is at least a different (and newer) version that might behave differently, or be detected by your virus scanner differently.

Has it self-destructed more than once? Do you remember which game you last played when this happened - just in case it's somehow an emulation issue?

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