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Problems on Nvidia Shield TV 2017
07-08-2018, 06:32 AM
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Problems on Nvidia Shield TV 2017
First post, but a user of PPSSPP since a few years.

I have a Shield TV 2017, and to be honest, I havent used PPSSPP since the last halve year.
I wanted to play some games on it again, but now every game seems to freeze a few seconds, and then continu again. This is not the worst problem though.
The worst on is that every game crashes at certain point, and quite fast too. It's not that I can play for a few hours and it then crashes.
You get kicked back to the Shield main screen, and the app stops working. Mostly during loading screens.

Things i'm using:
Nvidia shield TV 2017 8.0(Oreo)
PPSSPP version 1.6.3 (also tried some nightlies)

I tried it with these games:
Ys Oath In felghana
Ys Ark of napishtim
Crisis Core FF7
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