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Game ID wanted: Dungeon, boss battle in circular room - Solved: The Akuma Hunters...
05-18-2018, 09:39 AM (This post was last modified: 05-18-2018 09:42 AM by Rekrul.)
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RE: Game ID wanted: Dungeon, boss battle in circular room
No, I'm sure it's not Lord of Arcana, or Lord of Apocalypse.

I made the following image to illustrate what I remember. I shouldn't have to say this, but I feel that I have to; No part of this image is taken from the actual game that I'm searching for, it is made up of elements I found on the net that RESEMBLE what I remember. Please don't look at the warrior and say "That's Soul Calibur Legends!" No, the warrior was cropped from Soul Calibur Legends. The demon was cropped from a Castlevania picture. The room and pillars were stock photos.

[Image: Game.png]

I think the ceiling in the center was domed, or at least much higher than the edge of the room, but I didn't know how to draw a dome in the opening. I think there were a couple steps in the back of the room, possibly leading to a door, but I'm not sure about that. I think there were also some breakable crates against the wall, but again, I'm not sure. The floor between the pillars and the wall may have been slightly raised, like a walkway. I think the player character was female (or maybe the game gave you a choice) and of course the outer wall went all the way around. I just happened to use an image that gave a cut-away view.

Naturally, the colors, textures and scale are probably all wrong, and the actual game would have had a lot more detail. I'm not exactly an artist and I didn't want to spend hours creating something that looked like an actual screenshot. I just wanted to make something that would give people an impression of the kind of game it was.

Things I'm sure of: Third-person game, action-oriented, battle with a winged creature in a circular stone room with pillars around the edge, magic or ranged attack that recharges, creatures had to be killed with a finishing move.

Additionally, I think the video was a playthrough or at least it started from the beginning, so this would have been relatively close to the start of the game.

Again I want to stress that this is a 100% FAKE image that I created out of random parts for illustration purposes only.
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