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Android left stick analog axes
05-16-2018, 06:58 PM
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Android left stick analog axes
Ok, so if there is a thread out there that already covers this, I apologize, but my issue is so oddly specific that I can't find anything. I have a moto z and a moto gamepad. I recently installed ppsspp and tried a game I used to have a UMD of before the cheap plastic housing broke. I've encountered an issue with the analog mapping. Not the D-pad to the right stick like ~97%of the search results I'm getting. I went to the control settings and made sure that the analog up down left and right was all properly mapped to the axes of the left stick of my gamepad, but when I tried playing it was as if my analog stick was emulating a D-pad without the diagonals. It would run fine in any direction, with the appropriate fine directional corrections,ie going from up and slightly left to up and slightly right, but when i moved the stock through the point where a different direction takes priority, ie going from up and slightly left to left and slightly up, it was as if for a brief moment the input was interrupted and the character's movement sort of hesitated. If I remember correctly, back when I had a computer to emulate on and an Xbox controller with wireless receiver, the programs I was using had axis mapping for analog sticks, sometimes with the ability to alter the zones of direction on the stick so that if you're slightly to the left it'll still go straight, which neatly avoided this problem. So basically I'm wondering how to map the axes so that it transitions smoothly from one direction to another. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if you need any further information I'll try to provide it. If also like to add that this app is great, and with the state of most Android games (poor or missing controller support, those stupid recharging energy bars you need to do missions, leader boards, social elements, sometimes no solo campaign at all, ads, and the steep difficulty curve that ensures you can only get so far without buying blueprints or tokens or upgrades or whatever to keep up) I can't find much worth playing except emulators. And I can't afford to buy another Playstation after I bought that damn vita. Should've replaced my ps3 instead. Thank you.
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