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List of PSP motorcycle racing games?
03-30-2018, 05:36 PM (This post was last modified: 04-25-2019 03:52 PM by Dukatti.)
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RE: List of PSP motorcycle racing games?
your search should be short cause there is a very few amount of good moto racing games on all platforms. And you can speed search up focusing on reviews, or speedruns (at least one of the the both for the game is available)

1. Moto Racer 4 for ps4, x1, win, mac. It has paved tracks, tunnel, tricks only in freestyle game mode.
2. Excitebike 64. It has closed paved tracks, do remember bridges, but not sure about tunnels.
3. Mariio Kart for wii u. It has bikes and paved tracks, very small amount of tricks
4. Real Road racing TT Superbikes for ps2. It has paved tracks
5. Ducati for ps4, x1, win. It has paved tracks, no tricks
6. TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge
7. DriveClub. It has bikes, paved tracks. IMHO, this game is a top of available moto-game progress nowadays. Though I am sure you are searching for another title.
8. Ducati for ds
9. FnF Superbikes

On psp:
1. Midnight Club 3. Bikes, tunnels. Open city. Racing on checkpoints.
2. Midnight Club LA. Same.
3. Motorstorm. It has bikes, and probably tunnels, not sure about tricks and paved tracks.
4. Mx vs Atv on the Edge. No matches here, but it's still very good moto racing game, since time of Excitebike 64, especially for music
5. Mx vs Atv Untamed. No matches, but check anyway, cause it's psp
6. Mx vs Atv Reflex. Same here

1. MTX Mototrax for xbox
2. Mx vs Atv: Reflex, Alive, Untamed(x360), Unleashsed
1. Motorstorm Pacific Rift.
2. Score International Baja 1000 for ps3(!)
3. Fuel
4. Sonic & Sega All Star Racing. It has motorcycles, tricks, very beautiful tracks, do remember veeery big, floor-sized tunels
5. Ride 2
6. Motor Raid
7. Cyber Cycles
8. Cool Riders
9. Wild Riders
10. Road Rash series for Sega.
11. Midnight Club 2, 3, LA for home consoles (they have much of the changes from handheld)
12. Burnout Paradise

1. few days ago Mx vs Atv All Out was realesed. There are next-gen beautiful tracks. A game has fast speed even on 250cc, and even more complicated controls then Excitebike 64, feeling a lot familiar with Wipeout Pulse\Pure. Thanks to ue4 .ini you can also configure .ini configuration to run on lower designed pc's
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