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Crash in Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition
03-20-2018, 08:16 AM (This post was last modified: 03-20-2018 06:59 PM by BixenteN7Akantor.)
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Crash in Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition
Yo !

Recently, i wanted to finish the game Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition, but i got a "minor" problem.
In fact, this isn't a gamebreaking crash, as far as i know, the crash comes when i buy NO2 upgrade for the SL55 AMG*. When i auto-upgrade, and when i manually upgrade and exit the upgrades menu.
Maybe the crash occurs with others cars, but i don't have all of them.
I don't know how to explain why the crash comes but i saw something called log/debug console, i screenshoted it, i don't know if it's important ^^

If i write a topic about this, it's maybe because it could help with other games' crashs (i dunno Tongue), because i think there is much more important to do than working on this minor problem Smile

Thanks for reading

Edit*: the crash occurs while buying or not the NO2 upgrade, just need to go to the performance menu to make the crash happen.

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