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Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1(18/07/2019)
10-24-2018, 06:34 AM (This post was last modified: 10-24-2018 07:09 AM by Devina.)
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RE: Birth by Sleep HD ReMix Project V1
In case anyone wants, I made some small tweaks.

They're a cutscene font disabler (because the subtitles are off due to the translation patch; people often say things in the game but the subtitles don't cover it, making it feel weird). The two transparent files go in the Font folder. An example of this is 5:03 in this vid:

Also, smaller battle portraits for Terra and Ventus (Aqua is fine). Ventus is pretty fine too, but I included a smaller one just in case. Terra's battle portrait is RIDICULOUSLY BIG and his hair blocks the health, which is bad when you first start out as you can't tell how much health you have. Goes in UI > Terra/Ventus folder.


If you want to use Ventus' smaller portrait, rename VNormal Portrait to just Normal Portrait. I did that so it would fit into this post as you can't have two filenames.

Font part 1 (transparent pic)
Filename should be:


Font part 2 (transparent pic)
Filename should be:


Filename should be:
Normal Portrait


Filename should be:
Normal Portrait

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