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8bitdo n30 pro compatible?
02-10-2018, 06:16 PM
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8bitdo n30 pro compatible?
Hi there,
I bought a 8bitdo n30 pro (for another emulator for which it works just fine). Now I wanted to get it to work with PPSSPP (v1.5.4) ... and can’t.
What bothers me is that D7 (dinozambas2)
reviewed the exact same controller a while ago and it instantly worked for him without setting anything up...
Is it even possible with the current version and latest iOS 11.2.5 and I’m just too stupid to get it to work or was it a fools errand from the beginning...

Thx in advance
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04-08-2018, 11:32 AM
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RE: 8bitdo n30 pro compatible?
I also have a problem with this controller. I’m using the same build of PPSSPP on iOS 11.2 on an iPhone 6s and I’m using v2.0 firmware for my 8Bitdo controller. I can get it to map buttons and sometimes it maps them as pad1. key1 etc and other times it maps them as keyboard buttons which is odd. On top of that it’ll recognise when I press buttons on the ppsspp menu and light up my highlighted selection but then won’t move to any other selections or let me press any buttons to select anything. Once I’m in a game it flat out won’t recognize any button inputs. Every once in a while if I mash enough buttons it’ll register some but never if I simply try to use it properly, and the buttons it registers often aren’t even the ones I’m pressing. Not sure if any of this info will help find a solution but I thought if I shared some extra info it might help shed some light on the issue, no idea if Sylvan has the same issues or an entirely different issue all together but this was my experience with the controller.
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