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Forced 60Hz sync and bilinear build
02-19-2018, 05:00 AM (This post was last modified: 02-19-2018 05:17 AM by Marcelo_20XX.)
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RE: Forced 60Hz sync and bilinear build
Then don't use it, why are you still commenting if you don't see benefit from it? also I don't want to play with you any game ever! rule of thumb for online game is having the same base app and client, not a patched or modded one so your observation don't apply here. Also no I don't see any need to test the entire PSP library, there will be others for that, I tested only for the games I care namely 30 or so stop with your BS an go elsewhere...

Also for the record I am done here, if that's how this forums reacts to contributions then so be it, have fun with each other, I only posted it because I got tired of people asking a simple question like, can you plz change this thing or that, only to get responses by morons saying something like "don't be a lazy ass and do it yourself" then good, I will made myself the changes and then share it so other people who have the SAME issue (dont care if its 0.0001%) will benefit from it only to get the crap I got...

Did I got payed for it? NO Did I even get rep from it? HELL NO, nor I care BUT to be mocked up... that's a totally different story...
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