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Forced 60Hz sync and bilinear build
02-19-2018, 03:37 AM
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RE: Forced 60Hz sync and bilinear build
Quote:LOL Saying that Luna is not contributing to anything and does not know about anything is biggest BullShit I have read on this forum.

Read again my post, I am not saying if he/she contributes things to the forum what I am saying is for people like him other are discouraged to share contributions as in my case...

AGAIN, for the people who don't suffer from choppy aka stutter every secs then GOOD for you, no need to report anything and bye, period...

But for people like myself who have the stuttering this is really a fix, you know not everyone shares the same hardware configuration, Henrik is free to steer his project wherever he wants and I am certainly wont be pushing any changes to the base source as I respect him for whatever he does, then why people is so defensive? for a tiny quality of life patch they made like this change will format and blow their PC...

Quote:will desync/break timing in games, not to mention it will break some game's gameplay due to that additional filtering hack;p.

Break sync and break gameplay, you are full of BS. I tested a few games and the thing didn't explode on me and now I can finally play with a choppy free scrolling....
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RE: Forced 60Hz sync and bilinear build - Marcelo_20XX - 02-19-2018 03:37 AM

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