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Forced 60Hz sync and bilinear build
02-18-2018, 02:44 PM
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RE: Forced 60Hz sync and bilinear build
(02-17-2018 09:15 PM)Marcelo_20XX Wrote:  (...)its people that are not too sensitive to the stuttering that don't have this problem(...)
Claiming about having better anything to enforce a point is just dumb and invalidates future discussion with person that does it.

Anyway for lazy people that don't want to read much, the facts stays simple as can be read from github investigations of the problem for both pcsx2 and much shorter ppsspp:
- 60hz on it's own doesn't matter, since [Unknown]'s safer code doing that without breaking timing wasn't "fixing" the issue,
- on pcsx2 the same issue was not related to not timing at 60hz either, where even zoom(PPSSPP does something similar to pcsx2 zoom by default on standard 16:9 displays like full hd or 4k which could matter here, this can be changed via display layout screen by streatching or manual fitting to screen) could trigger the issue for nvidia user,
- the problem in 2 emulators only affects some people with nvidia, definitely doesn't happen on amd in which case it's unlikely to happen on intel or mobile platforms either.

Also different people might experience different kind of "stutter" that will not be related, for example:
- iOS stutter(possibly also some android devices) is caused by apple aggressive power saving features which would literally require wasting cpu power to enforce higher clocks, aka built in bitcoin miner or something alike,
- people thinking they can just abuse texture scaling or replacement without side effects simply by having current/latest desktop pc, in such situation stuttering will be pretty normal on texture load,
- potential stutter on shader compile, which is generally not as big problem as on dolphin that fixed it with it's ubershaders, but still might be experienced,
- general timing issues, which most emulators suffer from and ppsspp is no stranger to it, most things run at incorrect speed which causes various bugs, glitches, variable input delays, framedrops etc.,
- faulty hardware and general limitations of weak hardware will also be a thing that could cause "stutter" as it probably would lots of other potentially unrelated things, including dumb anti-virus/external 3rd party software/info overlays/video recording etc.. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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