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Issues with CRT scanline shader
01-02-2018, 03:11 AM (This post was last modified: 01-02-2018 05:40 PM by bomberman46.)
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Issues with CRT scanline shader
Is it possible to use this shader with frameskipping? I'm getting random framedrops, but enabling frameskipping gets it fullspeed. However, if frameskip is enabled it creates a blinking afterimage that causes the screen to flicker.

The shader itself is really great looking so I want to be able to use it, but the random framedrops makes it really annoying. Also, for some reason, this shader still has framedrops even when I lower the resolution. For example, BR-Lvl2 at 2x resolution causes my android phone to lag, but dropping it to 1x resolution gives it fullspeed. The CRT scanline doesn't make a difference in the resolution because the random framedrops happen anyway unless it's set to enable auto frameskip.

Forgot to add, this is for Vulkan. IIRC, the CRT scanline shader looked different in OpenGL, but it didn't have the framedrop issue.

EDIT: After further testing, I found out that you can set the frameskip to even number and it won't be a flickering mess. It still leaves afterimages behind whenever there is something moving. That said, enabling frameskip doesn't help with the random framedrops. I noticed that the framedrops happen whenever the screen "blinks" (is this the right term?). Is there a way to disable the blinking so that only the scanlines are there or something?
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